Why Toronto’s Manager Thinks Blue Jays Will Be Better


The Toronto Blue Jays are the only baseball team left in Canada, so they receive fans from all over.  The defending AL East champs have high expectations in 2016 and fans should be flocking to the Rogers Centre every single game to support their team.

From the looks of ticket sales they will be.  And the manager promises they will not disappoint.  “I look at this team and from top to bottom we have solid bats in the lineup.  Our rotation is strong with workhorses, and our bullpen will be able to finish the job off.”

It wasn’t long ago that the Blue Jays were in the basement of this division.  The New York Yankees have always had success, the Boston Red Sox started winning world titles.  Joe Maddon had turned things around down in Tampa and the Baltimore Orioles brought in some big names.

Now is the time for Toronto to shine.  They are projected to win 87 games this season.  That is 1.5 more than Boston, 2 more than the Yankees, 6.5 more than Baltimore, and almost 10 games up on the Rays.

It’s easy to see why.  They have some of the best hitters in baseball.  Edwin Encarnacion has finally lived up to his potential.  He was one of those late breakouts after being a young talent who was always hurt.

Jose Bautista is my favorite player.  His bat flip in the playoffs last year is going to go down in history.

Josh Donaldson just won the MVP.  The numbers he has put up the last two years show he’s going to be a force around this league for years to come.

Troy Tulowitzki is an acquisition I’m excited about.  He fits in much better than Jose Reyes.  Now we just need him to stay healthy so we can get a good number of games out of him.

RA Dickey might not be as good as he was during his one shining year with the Mets, but he eats up innings.  Marco Estrada could really come through.  Annabel Sanchez struggled last year, but this was an ace just a couple of years ago.

Now Marcus Stroman might contend for a Cy Young award and soon.  He’s got that kind of talent.

When you put all of that together it’s easy to see why the Blue Jays are World Series favorites.   The Cubs and Giants are ahead of them out of the National League, but nobody in the AL has nearly as good of a chance of winning as Toronto.  I hope that everyone can go Hardcore in supporting Canada’s finest and bring another World Series title back to us.


Hardcore Roadtrip Videos


This is when Jade Chung announced she was coming to Hardcore Roadtrip to scout talent. It’s been four years since she’s been in the ring, but she’s been observing. She then wanted to sign talent. Someone innovative, fresh, current, unorthodox, and outside the box.

Devon left a message for Kingpin Angel. Kingpin then decided to post a video sharing it. He thought it was a looking forward to our match. Nope. Instead Devon let him know that Kingpin should feel the honor to be in the ring with them. He brought him into the organization, showed him the ropes. Now he has no sympathy for him. He’s been around making history before he was even out of diapers. He let him know that he has a lot of catching up to do to get to the titles that he has accumulated. Devon really put it on him. Get the tables ready because he wants to blow the Kingpin up, with or without Bubba. Devon let’s Kingpin now that he’s going to just be a another notch on his long list of titles.

This is an extremely long video that shows some solid wrestling in small halls. This week’s edition featured Frankie Villa v Colin Delaney, Petey Williams v Christian York, and Balls Mahoney v Warhed.

My favorite promo from the event was Raven’s. He bashed Tod Gordon. He wants to stop the show with his own little gang of guys that have been wronged by the business. Guys who have not been given opportunities because they weren’t hardcore enough. He thinks he’s going to get 100% power and throw Gordon out on his ass.

Of course we have to show the response from Tod Gordon. He wanted to thank the fans from Canada. The real hardcore fans. He called Raven the laziest and most manipulative man in the business. He was pissed about him being named commish. Raven has his eye thing, nose thing, tongue thing, and a skirt. He wore that outfit for 20 years, it was weird then, now it’s pathetic.

Final Week to Get Your Tickets


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The venue is small 350 to 400 Range, so there certainly is VERY LIMITED Tickets for these events. Don’t leave it to the last minute or you will be very disapointed.

Tickets are available for purchase right now.  Hardcore Roadtrip is running several different events while in London, Ontario Canada so there are plenty of Ticket Options.

HARDCORE FANFEST: Saturday March 2nd, 2013 from 10AM to 12PM we will be running a Hardcore Fanfest event where fans can take part in Q&A Sessions with there favorite ECW Stars, There will also be meet and greets with all the Wrestlers of Extreme and tons of photo opportunities. We also have a lot of Pro Wrestling Merch that will be available at the Fanfest. Tickets for this event are $20 Per Person

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