Best Players in Toronto Blue Jays History

The Toronto Blue Jays are indeed a remarkable professional baseball team. This team is based in Toronto, Ontario. They have an incredible past and have produced some great players. Taking a look through time has shown off the names of great players amongst their entire history. The players have earned the right to be admired and acknowledged.

A Few Good Qualities
The best players for the Toronto Blue Jays may have shown off the following qualities:

  • power
  • speed
  • exceptional vision
  • a cannon arm
  • superior hitting ability
  • resilience

The best players are above-average in terms of their success.

The Best Blue Jays in History

There are some players who are most memorable for many reasons. The best players in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays include:
1. Pat Hentgen; Hentgen won the Cy Young Award and he was the first pitcher for Blue Jays to ever win this. This occurred in the year 1996. He had already earned a fine reputation with fans. He has been called a no-nonsense right-hander.

2. Roy Halladay; He is called a tireless workhorse, by some. He was a full-time starter in 2002. He finished in the top five in Cy Young.

3. Tony Fernandez; He had a powerful play with the glove in the latter 80s. A sweet snag was celebrated and left him respected and adored. He earned the respect and admiration of a young generation of ballplayers.

4. Jose Bautisa; he actually smashed the Blue Jays record in one season. This was for home runs. He had 54. This occurred during his breakout 2010 campaign. It only took three years for Bautista to become one of the most popular players of all-time.

5. Roberto Alomar; Alomar was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was a critical member of both World Series-Championship teams. When he was inducted, he was wearing a Blue Jays cap. He had fantastic speed along and is known for his incredible power hits. His glove is known to be sleek and mighty.

6. Carlos Delgado; he hit the spot when the Blue Jays appeared down. Delgado is known for his sweet stroke and is known as the most awe-inspiring slugger. He is viewed as the greatest within franchise history.

7. Dave Stieb; He impressed Canadian fans by showing off his fantastic abilities during his 14 seasons. Stieb had two complete-game no hitters. Two outs and two strikes in the bottom of the ninth broke it up. This right hander managed to become known for his outstanding achievement of the two game-no-hitters. He won the Sporting News Award for Pitcher of the Year.

8. George Bell; George Bell is a well-known and huge name. He is one of the first Blue Jays to acquire notoriety with his name and reputation. He was able to lead the franchise to its very first post-season. He did this when he anchored a star-studded outfield. This was of the 80s era. He took home the American League MVP and was the only Blue Jay to ever win this.

9. Joe Carter; Carter was actually the heart of the team and he was known as a beloved face during the glory days of the Blue Jays. He is fondly remembered for his above-average and highly memorable home run. He has a Blue Jay for life legacy. He played a large role in winning the division title after a big improvement in his game in 1991.

10. Roger Clemens; Clemons had led the league during his two seasons in Toronto. He was in the lead with innings, strikeouts and wins for two years. He took the Cy Young Award home.

The Best Players Deserve Recognition

The best players in the Toronto Blue Jays deserve to be recognized and honored. There are many more great players who have given 100 percent of themselves and are also deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. These ten players have impeccable abilities.