Toronto Blue Jays 2016 Top Hitters

2016 has been a good year for the Toronto Blue Jays and it has shown in their batting. While there have been a number of other teams that had good batting, the Blue Jays have proven time and time again this season that they can make contact with the ball and get the big hits out. There have been a number of players that have stood out for the Blue Jays this season and and have helped the team get as far as they did in the post season. Lets take a look at a few of the players that have been so important in helping the blue Jays get as far as they did.

Josh Donaldson

Donaldson had the best batting average of the team. While a batting average of .284 may not sound that impressive, you need to look at the fact that he had a number of other stats that made him a powerhouse when it came to hitting the ball. With 164 hits 32 of those being doubles as well as a total of 37 home runs, it is no wonder why he had such a good batting record for the 2016 season. All of this came from 577 at bats. This is one of the reasons why he helped his team reach the post season and one of the reasons why they were a powerhouse until they reached the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were simply too much and helped to lead to the downward spiral of the team in the post season.

Edwin Encarnacion

With a total of 42 home runs, Edwin Encarnacion led the Blue Jays in home runs and helped to really give the team a good shot in the arm where they needed it the most. Another thing that helped to increase the stock on him was the fact that he was responsible for a whopping 127 runs batted in. He led the Blue Jays in this area and is one of the reasons why he will be such a powerful free agent that Toronto needs to make sure that they hold onto after the World Series is over and done with. There will be a lot of teams that will be looking to add him to their lineup and the Blue Jays will have to work to keep him from signing with another team.

Jose Baustita

This was another member of the Blue Jays clubhouse that helped the team to see the post season. Had it not been for the wall known as Cleveland, then there are no doubts that Toronto would have reached the World Series and more than likely even won the whole thing. Jose knocked out 22 home runs over the course of his 99 runs resulting from 423 at bats. Bautista along with Donaldson were the anchors that helped the team see as good of a year as the one they had last season. When he returns next season, it is expected that his numbers will be better as this seemed to be a little of an off year for him.

These are just a few of the heroes that cam through and really went to bat for the Toronto Blue Jays. While the team as a whole did not do that bad, there were a few players that seemed to stand out from the rest and helped to lead the team to being one of the better teams around. It will be interesting to see what next season brings and how well will they do and if it will be their year to reach the World Series.

Recap of the 2016 Toronto Blue Jays Pitching

The Toronto Blue Jays concluded their season, and it was by any standards a successful one. Something was a bit different, however, about the 2016 version of the Blue Jays. That difference was the pitching. Their vaunted lineup, although they were good, fell short of the historical season they put together last year. This year the pitching staff was relied on much more in getting them to the ALCS, and that is worth a second look.


With Marcus Stroman, the ace of the staff leading the team, the starters gave them a chance to win nearly 90 games this year, as they finished with 89 victories. Stroman’s 9-10 record and 4.37 ERA wasn’t indicative of how well the ace threw the ball, and he kept them in nearly every game he started.

J.A. Happ was the shining star this year, sporting a 20 win season, and having only 4 losses on his season.

Aaron Sanchez lived up to expectations, with a 15-2 record and an impressive 3.00 ERA in the hitter powered American League.

Marco Estrada and veteran R.A. Dickey rounded out the starting pitching staff, and with most of this unit expected to return the coming year should once again keep the Blue Jays in the conversation.


A strength of the Blue Jay pitching staff was talent and depth. Names like Joe Biagini, Jason Grilli and Jesse Chavez were mainstays and the core of the bullpen this year. They served vital roles to in the success of the club by filling much needed relief innings, as any team who hopes to make a run must have. They provided not only electric stuff but also excellent flexibility permitting managers plenty of options in strategy.

Depth and matchup pitching was provided by the likes of Drew Storen, Gavin Floyd and Joaquin Benoit among others.

The Closer

Roberto Osuna looks to have the Toronto Blue Jays set in terms of having a shut-the-door closer for years to come. All Osuna accomplished in 2016 was recording 36 saves while maintaining a sub 3 ERA (2.68). In addition to proving himself as a go to guy out of the bullpen, he managed to ring up 82 batters through 74 innings pitched while allowing a mere 55 hits.

If there was any chink in Osuna’s armor, it may be in his surrendering too many homers, 9 in all.

All these statistics should give Blue Jay fans reason to smile. If the batting continues, and with this group that shouldn’t be surprising but expected, and the pitching remains strong there is no reason to think that the Blue Jays won’t continue to compete for championships. No team bar one, ever finishes the season exactly the way the hope at the beginning of the season.

Don’t be shocked if Toronto represents the American League in next years World Series, had it not been for an untimely hitting slump, that may have been the story this year because the pitching was definately more than good enough.

Best Players in Toronto Blue Jays History

The Toronto Blue Jays are indeed a remarkable professional baseball team. This team is based in Toronto, Ontario. They have an incredible past and have produced some great players. Taking a look through time has shown off the names of great players amongst their entire history. The players have earned the right to be admired and acknowledged.

A Few Good Qualities
The best players for the Toronto Blue Jays may have shown off the following qualities:

  • power
  • speed
  • exceptional vision
  • a cannon arm
  • superior hitting ability
  • resilience

The best players are above-average in terms of their success.

The Best Blue Jays in History

There are some players who are most memorable for many reasons. The best players in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays include:
1. Pat Hentgen; Hentgen won the Cy Young Award and he was the first pitcher for Blue Jays to ever win this. This occurred in the year 1996. He had already earned a fine reputation with fans. He has been called a no-nonsense right-hander.

2. Roy Halladay; He is called a tireless workhorse, by some. He was a full-time starter in 2002. He finished in the top five in Cy Young.

3. Tony Fernandez; He had a powerful play with the glove in the latter 80s. A sweet snag was celebrated and left him respected and adored. He earned the respect and admiration of a young generation of ballplayers.

4. Jose Bautisa; he actually smashed the Blue Jays record in one season. This was for home runs. He had 54. This occurred during his breakout 2010 campaign. It only took three years for Bautista to become one of the most popular players of all-time.

5. Roberto Alomar; Alomar was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was a critical member of both World Series-Championship teams. When he was inducted, he was wearing a Blue Jays cap. He had fantastic speed along and is known for his incredible power hits. His glove is known to be sleek and mighty.

6. Carlos Delgado; he hit the spot when the Blue Jays appeared down. Delgado is known for his sweet stroke and is known as the most awe-inspiring slugger. He is viewed as the greatest within franchise history.

7. Dave Stieb; He impressed Canadian fans by showing off his fantastic abilities during his 14 seasons. Stieb had two complete-game no hitters. Two outs and two strikes in the bottom of the ninth broke it up. This right hander managed to become known for his outstanding achievement of the two game-no-hitters. He won the Sporting News Award for Pitcher of the Year.

8. George Bell; George Bell is a well-known and huge name. He is one of the first Blue Jays to acquire notoriety with his name and reputation. He was able to lead the franchise to its very first post-season. He did this when he anchored a star-studded outfield. This was of the 80s era. He took home the American League MVP and was the only Blue Jay to ever win this.

9. Joe Carter; Carter was actually the heart of the team and he was known as a beloved face during the glory days of the Blue Jays. He is fondly remembered for his above-average and highly memorable home run. He has a Blue Jay for life legacy. He played a large role in winning the division title after a big improvement in his game in 1991.

10. Roger Clemens; Clemons had led the league during his two seasons in Toronto. He was in the lead with innings, strikeouts and wins for two years. He took the Cy Young Award home.

The Best Players Deserve Recognition

The best players in the Toronto Blue Jays deserve to be recognized and honored. There are many more great players who have given 100 percent of themselves and are also deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. These ten players have impeccable abilities.

Why Toronto’s Manager Thinks Blue Jays Will Be Better

The Toronto Blue Jays are the only baseball team left in Canada, so they receive fans from all over.  The defending AL East champs have high expectations in 2016 and fans should be flocking to the Rogers Centre every single game to support their team.

From the looks of ticket sales they will be.  And the manager promises they will not disappoint.  “I look at this team and from top to bottom we have solid bats in the lineup.  Our rotation is strong with workhorses, and our bullpen will be able to finish the job off.”

It wasn’t long ago that the Blue Jays were in the basement of this division.  The New York Yankees have always had success, the Boston Red Sox started winning world titles.  Joe Maddon had turned things around down in Tampa and the Baltimore Orioles brought in some big names.

Now is the time for Toronto to shine.  They are projected to win 87 games this season.  That is 1.5 more than Boston, 2 more than the Yankees, 6.5 more than Baltimore, and almost 10 games up on the Rays.

It’s easy to see why.  They have some of the best hitters in baseball.  Edwin Encarnacion has finally lived up to his potential.  He was one of those late breakouts after being a young talent who was always hurt.

Jose Bautista is my favorite player.  His bat flip in the playoffs last year is going to go down in history.

Josh Donaldson just won the MVP.  The numbers he has put up the last two years show he’s going to be a force around this league for years to come.

Troy Tulowitzki is an acquisition I’m excited about.  He fits in much better than Jose Reyes.  Now we just need him to stay healthy so we can get a good number of games out of him.

RA Dickey might not be as good as he was during his one shining year with the Mets, but he eats up innings.  Marco Estrada could really come through.  Annabel Sanchez struggled last year, but this was an ace just a couple of years ago.

Now Marcus Stroman might contend for a Cy Young award and soon.  He’s got that kind of talent.

When you put all of that together it’s easy to see why the Blue Jays are World Series favorites.   The Cubs and Giants are ahead of them out of the National League, but nobody in the AL has nearly as good of a chance of winning as Toronto.  I hope that everyone can go Hardcore in supporting Canada’s finest and bring another World Series title back to us.